1. At present, there is no long distance cycling race in India. We thought to create one!
  2. To give an opportunity to our Olympic and National Cycling Teams to practice at the fullest outdoors.
  3. During the covid pandemic, children are addicted to screens. To de-addict, we need to introduce something new and adventurous! Cycle is the first love of every child!
  4. Over the last few decades, the cycle became the symbol of working-class people, in India. We want to change this perception and flourish the culture of cycling in Asia.
  5. We Indians die young! When my father was in school, India was a young country. When I was a school going student, India was a young country. Now our third generation is going to school and still India is a young country. The question is, where is our old population going? Why is India an ever-youthful country? The answer is, we die young! We spend our childhood studying to get good marks in exams. We spend hours in office either to be ahead in the rat race or to pay installments of education/ house loans. We Indians do not live or celebrate life. Marathons have brought some change, but it is limited to major cities.